Sunday, December 18, 2011

3am kinda stuff

Now downloading legally from itunes:  Camp Lo- Uptown Saturday Night and that new "Wiz- California"  track

Upon some serious criticism  from roommate and Friend Chris Tart aka Smoking coyote about only having two posts i've decided to start doing some smaller post my sever ADHD can manage....

1st. Check this video, then do you're best to dress like everyone in it

2nd.  Make 15 uninterrupted minutes of your day happen and watch this

3rd. Begin preparing yourself for the countless 3-4 minute conversations you'll have over winter break, back home with kids you don't miss.  May I recommend talking about either

a. That teacher you all couldn't fucking stand in High School
b. The weather (dude bummer it's raining)
c. The Climate  (Man oh man dude it's been so nice out here for the past couple days)

4. fuck 6 dollar Coronas...rather fuck even $4.75 coronas they wind up being the same exact thing

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