Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Listening- Diplo blow your head 10 

what runs through my mind while eating my chicken salad wrap at UCF

a.   Stop eating your Asian Chao with chop sticks. Rule of thumb: If you order your “Chinese” food from a restaurant with a Panda Logo and a cashier named Juanita use a fork
b.    b. If I was ever a billionaire I’d want to put together a massive EDM music festival and put it in Jackson, Mississippi or Little Rock, Arkansas…
c.      c. I’d also hire someone to assassinate Flo-Rida, as if I didn’t have to listen to Levels enough during Bud Light Platinum commercials
d.    d.  I’d also hire someone to assassinate LMFAO but, I’ll admit the Party Rock Song really brings the hamster Kia commercial together
e.     e. Fuck Bud Light Platinum, I’d say you’re not fooling anyone but you definitely are
f.     f. I take that back, I’ll probably wind up needing Bud Light Platinum as the sponsor for my brilliant music festival
g.     g.Read the Lyrics of Foster and the People’s “Pumped up Kicks”
h.     h.If you are going to Ultra you should wear Neon because your raving bro
i.       i.Long boards, I love them! Everyone should just use them all over campus
j.       j.My little Brother’s bar mitzvah is this weekend but has been primarily organized by my Italian Father… Bagels and Prosciutto for everyone
k.     k.I recently started watching breaking bad…. Beside Mobile, Alabama I’m going to say that Albuquerque, New Mexico would be the one place I wouldn’t even Subject Hitler to.   Meth man…Meth
l.       l.KONY 2012!
m.   m.Next rounds on me boys!  Just sold all my Aeropostale graphic t’s at Platos
n.     o.No no, I know you’re not anything like the other sororities!
o.     p. Did anyone know you needed a prescription for adderall?  Fooled me
p.     q. OHHHHHHH sometimes I get a nah nah nah .....AHHh! I always forget the words

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